Branding the Company that is Changing the Industry

There’s always a lot going on at Affinity Express, as we continue to grow, take on clients and target additional market segments. But it’s especially busy in the Marketing Department these days as we re-brand materials and roll out a new company tagline: “Transforming advertising and marketing production.”

We had outgrown our previous tagline and held an internal contest to inspire and tap into employee creativity. There were hundreds of responses from individuals in a wide variety of positions – not just designers. And the results gave us great insight into team members perspective on what we do, as well as their pride in the company.

Ultimately, we selected “Transforming advertising and marketing production” because it expresses what we do today and opens the door for where we are heading in the future.

Affnity Express: transforming advertising and marketing productionAdvertising and Marketing

Affinity Express already provides a wide range of design services for print and interactive materials to support the advertising and marketing efforts of clients. That list will expand significantly as we add more capabilities for website design, HTML emails, publishing content online in virtual directories and more. Ultimately, if a file needs to be created for promotional purposes, Affinity Express wants to be able to produce it.


One of the key words in our tagline is “production.” As far as the industry is concerned, most organizations have three options for design work: advertising agencies or marketing firms, freelance professionals and internal teams. All have their advantages and disadvantages. Agencies develop award-winning creative but are expensive and take time to execute. Freelancers provide flexibility on a project basis but have limited capacity and may not have a complete range of skills. Internal teams are responsive, dedicated resources, but are costly and require training, ongoing management, space and technology to be effective.

Affinity Express offers a viable alternative. We provide excellent production with exceptionally fast turn times. We have a full range of services and expertise in more than 30 software programs. We have the capacity to provide dedicated teams but charge on a transaction basis so the cost variable instead of fixed for clients. Best of all, whatever approach companies use today, we can work with existing resources on a project or long-term basis or take on entire functions.


As a result of what Affinity Express does, we are “transforming” the way companies execute campaigns and produce graphic files. They get greater flexibility for spikes in demand, scale for high volumes, reliable and fast turn times, and cost-effective design. Our workflow systems enable easy transfer of files and instructions, while serving as an asset management system. Best of all, there is no need for clients to invest in technology. That’s definitely a new approach!

A few short years ago, many of our clients would have said “transforming advertising and marketing production” was impossible. Affinity Express is proving them wrong but making them very happy!

About Kelly Glass
Kelly has been vice president of Marketing at Affinity Express for nine years now. She drives company strategy and all marketing activities.

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