Affinity Express at the ASI Show New York

Were you at the ASI Show in New York? I was there all three days (May 4-6). Here is a picture of our booth.

Affinity Express at the ASI Show, New York

While I always love attending trade shows and meeting new people (as well as catching up with old acquaintances and friends), this was a unique event. While traffic was not as busy as the other gatherings held throughout the year, attendance included industry leaders who were there for the exciting Counselor Awards ceremony. This made it a great networking show.

This year’s ceremony was held at the recently renovated Plaza Hotel. The crowd enjoyed the stunning décor and wonderful food. I was glad to be part of such a glamorous event, and ASI definitely hosted it very well.

I had a great time interacting with customers, prospects and partners. Several clients came over to say hello. My experience was much like Reggie’s (that’s Reggie Gonzalez, Director of Sales), who had gone to the San Diego show and had this to say when he was back:

The first ever ASI Show in San Diego was a wonderful surprise with familiar faces of clients and new prospects. Suppliers were wondering how this show was going to turn out and, to our delight, it was attended by many ASI distributors—we had more than 80 visit our exhibit. As usual, several Affinity Express clients came by to thank us for making their daily business so much easier and more profitable. In addition, our exposure to suppliers at this well-run conference and trade show was also an extra benefit to Affinity Express.

It was a busy three days in New York and well worth it! I’m really looking forward to ASI Chicago in July, which is right in our company’s backyard.

What about you? What industry event did you visit recently? Which ones are you going to attend this year?

About Joanna Grant
One of the founders of Affinity Express, Joanna is vice president of Graphic Production and Support Services at the company.

3 Responses to Affinity Express at the ASI Show New York

  1. Hi Joanna,

    It has been a while. Hope everything is well. After going thru a few interviews I have decided to give it go and start my own business.

    Hope to hear from you…

    Best regards,

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