New Client Implementation Success Story

New Client Implementation SuccessWe work with clients in media and publishing, but I want to share with you today our success story with one specific newspaper client. I manage new client implementations at Affinity Express, and this is one I’m particularly proud of.

The best thing about this client was that they have been extremely understanding of and smart about the outsourcing process from the beginning. The start date was in April but, with their help, we actually began capturing requirements several weeks early, as the client was so prepared. Their IT department were extremely savvy: they knew exactly what to do and when, with the result that it was easier for us to stay on schedule.

In fact, one group was so anxious to start using the system that they began before the ramp-up week itself and started sending live ads to the Affinity Express team!

Because we got an early start, our offshore team in Manila had more time for training. They worked with the client on practice ads and met with them to review quality and get detailed feedback even before the actual outsourcing began.  Training was more thorough this way and we were all (the client and our team) better prepared for the outsourcing initiative.

Affinity Express prepared and delivered customized training for the client. We reviewed the clients’ existing workflow and made suggestions early on so that the onsite team could begin making changes early. We also gave the client a lot of training and practice on the system so that they were comfortable when we began ramping up.

In this roll-out, we had two newspaper properties with completely different workflows and processes. There’s even a group of community newspapers in Canada. You’d have thought working with all these different people and with all their processes would be difficult, but the easy flow of communication and incredible support we received from the client made it all quite smooth.

This project has been one a great examples I have witnessed of how the best outsourcing arrangements are partnerships between two companies. The client’s management has been committed and involved, which really motivated their staff.

The client has a lot of confidence in the Affinity Express Manila team. They have now reduced their production calls from daily to once per week. This is always a good sign and usually happens within a few weeks of being fully live.

Right now, we are creating around 200 ads for them per week. Our accuracy levels are consistently at over 99%. The client is very pleased with turn times: we deliver around 99.5% of ads on time. The client tells me that getting all their ads in when the sales team starts the day is very helpful.

For all of these reasons, this team received our company’s Teamwork Award for June. I am very proud!

About Kellie Blaisdell
Kellie is the director of new client implementations for Affinity Express.

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