Meet VP of Graphic Services, Rajendra Magadum

Rajendraprasad Magadum (better known around here as Rajendra) joined Affinity Express as vice president of Graphic Production and Support Services in April 2010.

Rajendra has a tough job, responsible as he is for overseeing both operational and financial performance for  Graphic Services. But he derives pleasure out of finding new ways in which the team can improve efficiency and deliver better satisfaction to clients.

He brings more than 14 years of experience to the job, and his extensive background in program management, and driving quality and productivity improvements, is already showing results.

Here is what Rajendra has to say about his experience at Affinity Express so far:

Affinity Express provided me an opportunity to strike a balance between meeting work volumes and  maintaining high levels of innovation and creativity. The last few months have been a great run for me.  I have not only “learned something new” but also realized the importance of “unlearning” to meet stakeholders’ expectations and different perspectives.

I believe, regardless of which industry or line of work you are in, the fundamentals remain the same. The operational objective is to “create success”. It may seem simple: but isn’t that the essence of what we are all trying to do?

This goal is achieved by ensuring the availability of capable people with high motivation levels. Now this is where it begins to get complicated. Add to the mix communications, interpretations, planning, tracking, controlling … and the list goes on. Responsibility (obligation to act) and accountability (obligation to answer) also must be considered.

Until recent times at Affinity Express, we have been “planning for success” and we have since injected Six-Sigma concept of “planning to avoid failures”. The team has been phenomenal in adapting this model of operation and I am impressed with the inputs and efforts that are being put in by personnel in management, sales, production and implementation.

In short, all stakeholders work as one team at Affinity Express and focus on initiatives such as capability, process adherence, learning and training.  Through our taking this approach, results such as quality and on-time delivery follow on their own. This is what I like about Affinity Express and I am confident about exponential growth based on the strong foundation we have.

Let me just add, I share his conviction!

About Kelly Glass
Kelly has been vice president of Marketing at Affinity Express for nine years now. She drives company strategy and all marketing activities.

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