Joanna Grant One of Industry’s Most Powerful People

I am very happy to announce that my colleague Joanna Grant, VP of Graphic Production and Support Services, has been included in Stitches magazine’s Power List. This makes her one of the most powerful people in the decorating industry, “influencing the direction the industry will take in 2011 and beyond”.

According to Stitches, she’s on the list because:

After building its expertise in advertising since its founding in 2000, Affinity Express has become a comprehensive resource for digitizing, graphics and multimedia services for advertising and marketing; it serves decorators, distributors and suppliers alike.

Ken Swanson, our CEO, shared his thoughts on the news:

The individual recognition for Joanna is terrific, and it is the result of her high-performing team, years of experience, depth of subject-matter expertise and the fact that she has been one of the respected voices of the industry.

Joanna’s success also exemplifies the capabilities of Affinity Express and the trust placed on us by clients and partners due to our experience in the industry, quality and delivery standards of 98% or more, as well as the ease of doing business with us. Joanna is one of the leaders who is helping to take Affinity Express to new heights as we expand our services in 2011 and provide even greater value to our customers.

Joanna Grant, VP of Graphic Production and Support ServicesJoanna herself is very appreciative of the recognition and says:

This is extremely gratifying, especially as Stitches is such a well-known publication. I am glad they acknowledge that we provide services to such a range of companies in the industry, from decorators to some of the top suppliers and distributors.

About her work, Joanna is excited that sales for 2010 have been much higher than predicted–a good sign for the entire industry. She also mentions how Affinity Express has expanded upon its services and widened its expertise to serve the promotional products industry more effectively. “Apart from embroidery digitizing and vector artwork, our order management and image editing services have been widely welcomed and utilized by clients.”

Joanna adds:

Customers have been really appreciative of the quality and on-time delivery we provide, and of the creativity and skills our designers consistently demonstrate. My team here at Affinity Express is a really talented bunch of people, and I want to thank them all for helping us provide customers with a positive experience.

Our Graphic Production and Support Services team tells me that they are very proud of Joanna, and let me join them in congratulating her!

About Kelly Glass
Kelly has been vice president of Marketing at Affinity Express for nine years now. She drives company strategy and all marketing activities.

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