3 Reasons Why Display Ads Are Catching Up

eMarketer says display ads are growing faster than search ads. While search ads are often extolled by marketers because they are targeted specifically to users who are searching for information about those product/service, the rapid growth in display ads makes sense to me. Here’s why:

Display ads are vastly more customizable.

Search ads offer you so little space for your message, no way to design your ad to stand out from others (and remember I wrote about how important design is for advertising). You can use rich media or videos. eMarketer’s article mentions that video ads are predicted to grow at least 34% every year through 2014, driving the growth in display ads.

Marche Ad in the Star

Put in as much small text as you want. (Actually, not too much - use the space to attract consumers instead.)


Display ads are just more attractive.

Not all, of course. But a well-designed display ad can enhance the customers’ experiences, not merely interrupt them. Wouldn’t you prefer looking at this ad rather than a PPC ad that simply stated the words?

Westin Ad in the Seattle Times site

A child eating a snowflake. Somehow the words just don't have the same impact as the picture, do they?


Display ad placement is more flexible.

These ads can be made more effective by using design and placement to improve visibility and conversion. With a search ad, you have little control over where your ad appears (I mean, you can try your best to have it high up, but you can’t really mandate it).

Google Ad on the New York Times site

Why, even Google advertises on newspaper websites!


Of course, the growth of display ads is great news for us, as producing display ads is one of the major services we offer. However, our friends in the SEM industry needn’t be worried: the growth in display ads isn’t expected to be at the expense of search ads, but due to more businesses deciding to spend on building their brand through online advertising.

About Unmana Datta
Senior Marketing Manager at Affinity Express, Unmana is an obsessive consumer of blogs and social media, and fascinated by their use in marketing.

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