Designs of the Year: 2010

We asked our designers to submit their best work this year and awarded the winning entries.  Let me tell you, the judges did not have an easy job!

Embroidery Digitizing

An embroideried depiction of Elmo

Oh yeah, Elmo! Where have we seen him before? (Isn’t it great the judges liked one of the designs I picked out for you all those months ago? It was my favorite from that lot, too! Maybe I can be a judge next time…)

Print Ad

Print Design: Dining Guide

Don’t bother trying to read the small print: that’s just dummy text. This design won because of its use of images to make the message more effective and the liberal use of white space that accentuates the text and the images.

Online Ad

Online Ad: Click to view Flash

(This is just an image: click to view the Flash ad.)

Nice bit of animation there and in keeping with the message of the ad.

Vector Artwork

Vector Artwork: Truck

I am always amazed at how our designers can convert photos into vector art. This image just speaks for itself.

What do you think of these designs? Let’s hear it in the comments.

About Unmana Datta
Senior Marketing Manager at Affinity Express, Unmana is an obsessive consumer of blogs and social media, and fascinated by their use in marketing.

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