Designs of the Quarter: Q1 2011

This year’s first Designs of the Quarter are here! The categories this time around were pre-media, online ads and embroidery digitizing.


I love this first design. The clean grey-on-white text, the pop of red, those luscious-looking strawberries . . . It just holds your attention and makes you want to read it.

Pre-media Design

Seems like the judges loved it too. Here’s what they say:

The design has a simple but effective layout that immediately catches the eye and uses color very well (note how it is balanced in four areas with red accents that are not overwhelming). The fact that it is an ad promoting heart health and Go Red For Women was an added plus!

Pre-media Design for Chanticlear Pizza

However, the first one wasn’t the only design the judges loved. They liked this one so much they had to pick two winners this time. (First time I’ve seen this happen!) The judges comment:

The design is complex with quite a bit of required content but it successfully makes viewers want to pick up the phone and order pizza using the featured coupons. The right elements are stressed and the food looks delectable.

Plus, it represents the challenges we face working for retailers because every inch of space has to be maximized but pages must still be attractive and balanced.

Online Ad

The judges’ comment on the winning online ad is simple.

We loved how this ad made us hungry (which we have to imagine was the goal) and worked well for Valentine’s Day.

Designs of the Quarter: Online Ad

Designs of the Quarter: Online Ad

Designs of the Quarter: Online Ad

Strawberries, pizza, chocolate. Do you see a theme here?

Embroidery Digitizing

Now, where have we seen this design before?

Embroidery Digitizing Design: Woman Boss

This is the second time I’ve used a winning embroidery design on the blog before the winners were announced. Maybe I should start a betting pool.

Anyway. The judges say:

This file shows really fine detail, especially in the face. The blending is well done and has great small lettering. This design would catch anyone’s attention!

What do you think of our Designs of the Quarter? How do you think they compare to previous ones and 2010’s Designs of the Year?

About Unmana Datta
Senior Marketing Manager at Affinity Express, Unmana is an obsessive consumer of blogs and social media, and fascinated by their use in marketing.

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