Designing Multiple Pieces of Marketing Collateral for a Brand

When Affinity Express first became a sponsor of Go Red For Women, we offered our design services free of charge and thought we might help the organization with invitations or maybe a flyer or two. Little did we know that we would ultimately produce more than 100 pieces! We started in November by updating educational materials to demonstrate our capabilities and ended by providing all of the local support for the big annual event on February 25, 2011 to complement materials provided by the national organization. In fact, during the week before the luncheon, we completed approximately 40 designs.
The fundraising efforts were a tremendous success (the campaign total to date is just over $900,000), but what made our contributions effective was the way we took an established logo and national design requirements, and built upon them to set the Chicago chapter of Go Red for Women apart. It is an excellent example of how to create materials for your clients that are true to their brand while increasing effectiveness and satisfaction by interpreting that style in new and innovative ways.
Affinity Express Senior Designer for Marketing Mel Fernandez was responsible for all of these designs and has advice for designers who need to develop and execute these types of campaigns (and providers who want to grow beyond delivering individual products to capture a greater share of business from clients).
But first, take a look at some of the designs.  
Print ad sample: invitation for Go Red for Women
This is the second page of the invitation Mel created. Notice how the hearts outlined in red form a recurring motif.
Print poster for Go Red for Women featuring the CMO of Walgreens
Print poster for Go Red for Women featuring the CEO of Lifeway Foods
There was an entire series of CEO posters. Mel found this the most challenging and interesting piece of the campaign.
Mel shared 6 tips that he used to create this successful campaign. Read them all on the M-bossed blog.

About Kelly Glass
Kelly has been vice president of Marketing at Affinity Express for nine years now. She drives company strategy and all marketing activities.

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