Designing Our Facebook Page Welcome Tab

I had been coveting the interesting welcome tabs other brand pages had on Facebook, so I asked Kelly if we could have one of our own. Never one to refuse a reasonable request, she asked Mel if he’d be interested in designing one.

Now Mel knows that if you give clients options to choose from, they’re more likely to approve your work. So he sent us three designs to choose from.

Facebook welcome tab design with orange background

I liked the bright vibrant background and how the design subtly draws your eyes upwards. But it seemed a little too sales-y to me, and I wanted the design to say much more clearly that we want the user to like our page.

Facebook welcome tab design with sea and sky background

Nice graphic, and the blue also echoes the colors in our logo. I like the serenity in this one and the fact that it conveys how easy it is to work with us. It would be a great print ad, I think. But asking you to work with us isn’t the same as asking you to like our page.

Facebook welcome tab design with blue background

 If you have seen our Facebook page, you know already which one won out. Kelly and I both liked this one best (and as we’ve said before, it’s a special day when that happens!) The message is obvious and simple, the colors are warm and vibrant, and the design is an artistic interpretation of our logo.

But we aren’t easy to please: I nit-picked that the background was a little too busy and the arrows pointing upwards weren’t obvious enough; Kelly and I both felt that the text on the gray background wasn’t easy to read.

We both liked this last design though, and felt it could work with a little modification. Kelly had an idea of how it could be simpler and cleaner, and she made a rough sketch and sent it to Mel.

Mel patiently worked on it again. The next morning, we saw this.

Affinity Express Facebook page design

We loved it. Removing most of the text made the colors and the main message (“like us!”) stand out more. So this is what we have up on our Facebook page right now.

What do you think? Do you like this design or should we have gone with one of the other ones?

About Unmana Datta
Senior Marketing Manager at Affinity Express, Unmana is an obsessive consumer of blogs and social media, and fascinated by their use in marketing.

4 Responses to Designing Our Facebook Page Welcome Tab

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  3. I love this one because it is more compact and leads the eye upward. The one before this was great in color and artistic expression, but there didn’t seem to be a place to let the eye focus and rest on.

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