Core Values for the Affinity Express ELITE Club

A couple of years ago, we articulated the core values of Affinity Express:

  • We are passionate about efficiency and measuring continuous improvement.
  • We work hard and exceed expectations—our own and our clients.
  • We harness our creativity, dynamism and innovativeness to make our clients look good.
  • We are team players who are honest and transparent with each other.
  • We conduct ourselves with the highest standard of ethics and integrity.

These are values our company stands on, and we wanted every employee of Affinity Express to live and work by them.

Award function in India office of Affinity Express
Award function in the India office (I’m in the center)

Recently, we decided to present these values to employees again, in a fresh way that would resonate with everyone who works here.

I believe every employee of Affinity Express is part of a special, dedicated and talented group. So when we discussed words that would symbolize the spirit of Affinity Express, this one word received unanimous approval: ELITE.







The acronym starts with excellence because Affinity Express works to continually improve quality and better serve clients. It also recognizes leadership and encourages employees to go above and beyond. Constant innovation has helped us to achieve industry leadership in a BPO niche category because we find better ways to get things done and enhance our creativity. We’ve been celebrating teamwork for years and will keep this up, since we can’t function effectively if we don’t work together. And, of course, we insist upon ethical behavior in all our dealings with employees, prospects and clients.

To drive the message home, we plan to overhaul our existing awards system, align it globally and bring it under the umbrella of ELITE. We’ll have awards to recognize employees for exhibiting each of these five core values. We have already announced a design contest for employees, for a cool new logo for ELITE. We’re still working out the details, but let me say that the marketing and HR teams and those of us in senior management are very excited about this initiative, and we hope to infuse everyone else in the company with our enthusiasm.

About Ken Swanson
As CEO, Ken is focused on ensuring that Affinity Express balances outstanding delivery to clients with continued growth.

4 Responses to Core Values for the Affinity Express ELITE Club

  1. Applause to you on your commitment and recommitment to core values … on leading Affinity Express to be “good to the core.” I thought you might enjoy our 3-minute “reflection” movie on building value with core values ( … may it continue to inspire you to be GOOD to the CORE!

    John Blumberg

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