Designs of the Quarter: Video, Print Ads, Flyers and Image Editing

For our second Designs of the Quarter contest this year, we called for entries in the categories of: flyers, print ads, video ads and image editing. Now that we’ve shared the good news with our team in our newsletter, we’re pleased to let you know about the winning designs.


This flyer stood out because the image ties in perfectly with the headline, “Healthy Kids” and grabs attention. The boy looks ready to take on the world! Plus, the layout of the text lets readers easily grasp the point: donations are requested for this worthy cause. When you have so little time to engage, it is important that messages come through quickly.

Designs of the Quarter: flyer

Print Ad

The Wild Birds Unlimited print ad was popular with our panel because the vibrant colors drew the eye and the use of several birds made us feel like we were out in a garden enjoying a pleasant summer day. The graphics tie in well with the color of the largest bird. The layout is also very effective and guides viewers right through all the key elements.

Designs of the Quarter: print ad

Image Editing

The winning image editing entry was easy to pick as it was a detailed subject and the artist did a great job removing the background at the client’s request so the photo could be re-purposed.

Designs of the Quarter: image editing

Video Ad

For video, the Glick’s Greenhouse ad worked for us because it used images supplied by the advertiser to show the variety of plants and supplies available with good transitions and effective use of the graphic of a growing plant. The graphic colors don’t compete with the shots of the vibrant flowers—which should be the star in this ad.

Bonus: Wow Ad

The Top Shelf Cigar and Tobacco Shoppe ad was a winning Wow Ad in our Manila production facility because it received raves from the client. The colors work well with the cigars for a unified ad. It also does a nice job of showing brands of cigars. Another point is the restraint used with fonts. Often, we see ads where four or more are used but that looks chaotic. Instead this is a cohesive ad perfect for the target audience.

Designs of the Quarter: print ad

About Kelly Glass
Kelly has been vice president of Marketing at Affinity Express for nine years now. She drives company strategy and all marketing activities.

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