Choosing the ELITE Logo Design

With the announcement of our new Affinity Express ELITE initiative to better communicate and reinforce our company’s core values, we launched an internal design contest in July to develop the ELITE logo.

All Affinity Express employees were eligible to participate. Designs had to include “Affinity Express” and “ELITE” (in all caps because it is an acronym). We asked them to take into account the company branding standards and colors, but work to develop an attractive logo that demonstrates our creativity and design capabilities. Individuals could submit designs or teams could work together. And multiple entries were permissible.

I’m happy to say that we received hundreds of amazing designs and this was our most popular contest since our corporate logo was developed several years ago. Entries were reviewed without any names or identification and voted on by a team of Affinity Express personnel, including Human Resources and Marketing representatives.

The first thing we did was eliminate entries we didn’t believe would work for a variety of reasons (e.g., because the colors were off, the designs were not interesting or they didn’t have balance with our logo). We also got a lot of variations on the same theme and had to drill down to one representation of an idea. As we went through our review process, it was important for us to consider how logos would appear in different media: on memos, the website, t-shirts, posters, presentations and more.

Once we got to the top ten, we asked the designers to make various revisions we thought would improve their submissions. Then we asked the panel to pick their top three choices. Rankings were combined and tabulated. Based on these scores, we had our winners.

3rd Place Winner

Aries Aves (Paginator/Graphic Designer, Manila)

ELITE Logo Design Contest: 2nd Runner-up

We thought this option did a great job of highlighting the colors in our logo and adding the word “ELITE” without competing with “Affinity Express.” The color gradient is eye-catching without being jarring and puts the accent on “ELITE.” Isn’t this perfect for a memo or presentation? 

2nd Place Winner

Melchizedek Fernandez (Senior Graphic Designer for Marketing, Manila)

ELITE Logo Design Contest: 1st Runner-up

The panel liked this logo, again, because it built on the colors in our logo in an interesting way. It also had a sense of movement and the balance is perfect. We could envision this on t-shirts and in printed materials. (Go, Mel!)

1st Place Winner

Liza Gapasin-Cheng (Trainer, Manila)
ELITE Logo Design Contest: Winning Entry

Liza’s design was excellent from the start and required no revisions. We liked how she interpreted the color “blocks” in our logo in a fresh new way and made the letters feel three-dimensional. Above all else, the accent on ELITE helped us envision employees wearing this logo with pride.

The winning logo design will be featured in our Xpressions quarterly newsletter, on the Affinity Express website and on bulletin boards dedicated to our rewards and recognition programs in India, the Philippines and the U.S. It will also be included in communications circulated to all locations each month that will list the winners of awards. A t-shirt and poster are being developed now as well.

The winning designers received cash prizes and, of course, bragging rights! 

Thanks to all who participated and put their talent on display. You gave us a way to show our excitement about being part of the Affinity Express team and remember what we stand for!

About Kelly Glass
Kelly has been vice president of Marketing at Affinity Express for nine years now. She drives company strategy and all marketing activities.

2 Responses to Choosing the ELITE Logo Design

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  2. Shelobird says:

    Congrats to the three, congrats Liza!

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