Premedia Designs Evoking Childhood and Nostalgia

As this is my first post, I’ll start off with a short introduction: I work with retailer clients at Affinity Express, trying to see how best we can serve them with our premedia solutions.

As I looked through some of our best recent premedia designs, I found a few that caught my eye and wanted to share on the blog. What’s common among these samples is that the ads and marketing materials are all aimed at kids, are baby products marketed to parents, or evoke the nostalgia of childhood.

Premedia sample: comic flyer

This flyer is nostalgic and feels like a comic itself, appealing to collectors. The call-outs at the top stand out in yellow and resemble the exclamations you see in comic books. Even the font reinforces the connection. The red-orange color and lines draw the eye down to the merchandise on display, making it very easy to see what this ad is about.

Premedia sample for mother's day

It’s rare that you would get away with using purple as your background color: but it works here because it’s marketed to kids. The hand-drawn child and the flower motif fits in with the message of crafts as well as of Mother’s Day.

Premedia sample for mother's day

The bright yellow definitely catches attention and focuses the eye on the heading, a good thing for a text-heavy piece.

Premedia sample for diapers

This design stays consistent with the brand colors. Its balance and clean layout unifies the whole elements of the ad—colors, shape and font used. Bright and cheerful, for a kiddy product: similar to the Cub4Kids ad above that provides a good contrast to the logo colors, it creates this effect not merely with the background but also the bright colors of the product samples.

But these are my biased opinions. What do you like about these designs, and what would you change?

About Mike Marinos
Vice president of premedia operations at Affinity Express, Mike oversees operations for major retailer and other clients.

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