What Employees Say About Affinity Express

Earlier this year, when we revisited our core values and packaged them in the new avatar of ELITE, we asked employees what they thought of Affinity Express. We wanted to be sure that we all have the same view of the company, regardless of job function.

Here are some of the interesting responses we received.

Working in the outsourcing industry can be tough: there are tight deadlines, clients to please and targets to meet. And Affinity Express provides design services, so on top of everything else is the pressure to be creative. As these employees say:

“Affinity Express is different from other BPOs. Our industry is more creative.”

“Designing is a challenge in itself, but thinking outside the box for another culture and for clients in North America takes it to a new level.”

“The expectations for individuals at Affinity Express are very high, as the company does not compromise on quality. However, it helps all individuals reach levels where they can deliver the best quality for the roles they perform.”

“It is very busy, but everyone plays by the rules.”

“There is never a dull moment.”

Pune Team Party

Employees kick back at a team party

So why are employees attracted to Affinity Express?

An operations manager in Pune explains that he applied for a job at Affinity Express because the company offers challenging positions in which drive, tact and problem-solving skills are essential.

Another manager in Pune: “This is the only advertising company that gave me a platform to really enhance my individual designing skills and creativity with excellent training.”

A web designer in Manila: “Web development is a fast-paced industry, in that developers like me constantly have to retool and relearn. It’s one thing to experiment on your own and another to get paid to play with new technologies.” He looked forward to working along with other creative individuals.

As we have mentioned before, we place great importance on learning here at Affinity Express. But don’t take my word for it: here is what employees themselves say.

“The work environment at Affinity Express is awe-inspiring. Every day teaches you a new lesson that enhances your knowledge and skills.”

A team leader working with a news publishing client feels he learned many aspects of design, as well as the ability to work in the allotted timeframes to meet deadlines.

Another employee says he has learned to deliver solid performance with high quality under pressure.

A web designer explains he has learned to work systematically and quickly while preserving the quality of work. He collaborates with his team and exchanges ideas to be more effective. And he’s evolved to be accountable and responsible in everything he does for his team and the growth of the company.

A senior web designer says he learned to break down high-level objectives into tangible actionable steps. What’s more, he applies more stringent standards to quality control. He also enjoys problem solving, especially scripting and programming related endeavors. “There is a rush I get when I figure something out or when I create something that just works!”

Manila Basketball Tournament

The Manila office has a basketball tournament with teams within the office pitched against each other

So what is it that motivates our employees?

One employee we interviewed has grown from designer to team leader in a short time partly due to motivation from his colleagues and superiors. He tries to pass along the favor by helping his team to stay motivated.

A manager explains that what he enjoys most about his role is working directly with the client to understand requirements and align our team to respond accordingly.

“Client confidence in Affinity Express matters quite a bit and getting positive comments from them makes every day better.”

Another disagrees slightly: “Getting appreciated for one’s efforts helps to boost confidence while motivating even better performance. As a leader, the respect of and appreciation from team members is even more desirable than those from supervisors or clients.”

Given our emphasis on learning, it is only natural that we attract employees who feel the same way. The thrill of exploring something new and being able to deliver while learning and improving is what motivates one employee. “A happy or awe-struck client is just gravy!”

Pune Football Team

Not all work: our Pune team wins an inter-company football tournament

And what’s great about working here? “Dynamic” seems to be the word of choice when describing the company.

“It’s a fun, dynamic team.”

“The work environment at Affinity Express is very dynamic. I am surrounded by an enthusiastic, imaginative, hardworking crowd who are ready to go the extra mile to attain client satisfaction.”

“People at Affinity Express have a wide variety of knowledge. Senior team members are very supportive and helpful.” But it’s not all about work: “There is also a lot of fun and joy when we celebrate our quarterly awards.”

How do we help employees achieve their career goals?

Since joining in 2003 as a junior graphic designer, an employee in Pune has advanced to become a senior operations manager and has visited several clients in North America.

He says, “If you work hard, you can give your career shape at Affinity Express. For me, this has been the best place to work because of an excellent group of senior leaders who encouraged me to reach this stage.”

Employees can visualize a very bright future at Affinity Express, “as there are more opportunities and new challenges every day to prove yourself and progress.”

“I am very positive about my growth here at Affinity Express. The company is the largest provider of graphic design services and is on-boarding many more new projects. I can use my knowledge to guide and mentor new team members. I look forward to developing myself by taking additional Learning Center courses on project management, team building, conflict management and more.”

Summer Outing in Manila

What better way to cool off and bond with the team in the heat of summer?

What should potential employees know? One employee wants to explain two things to anyone wanting to join Affinity Express: 1) balance hard work and smart work, and 2) give your best shot to every job you do.

Another thinks if potential employees can be responsible for themselves and for the company, they are a fit for Affinity Express. A third advises those hoping to join the company to keep experimenting and learning new things.

He says, “In our field, we cannot afford to be complacent. Once you lose the enthusiasm to actively search out and learn new things, that is when you lose your edge.”

“Affinity Express is filled with enthusiastic people dedicated their work and to the company.”

“Affinity Express is an amazing place to work and I owe my growth and success to the organization.”

“This is the best organization where you can fulfill your ambitions, and improve your knowledge and skills in the design field.”

“Affinity Express offers the possibility to travel abroad, along with a clear career path with fast advancement and opportunity to explore your creative side. It is a good place for people who are keen to learn.”

“Your hard work and skills will lead to company growth and you can aspire to be an asset of the organization. There is ample room for growth if you work sincerely, honestly and  consistently.”

“If you want to work for an awe-inspiring, tremendous, gratifying and satisfying company, give your best performance and compete with talented associates for career opportunities, you are welcome to join Affinity Express.”

To sum it up, as an employee put it:

“If you have the desire to achieve and grow, now is the time and this is the place!”

If you want to join our family of dynamic achievers, here are our current openings.

About Tinna Hall
Tinna is vice president of global HR at Affinity Express. Apart from work, she loves spending time with her son and doing arts and crafts projects.

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  1. Rv Patil says:

    i luv affinityexpress……………………..

  2. Shelo - 100034 says:

    I really miss working in AE! 🙂

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