The Potential of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Small businesses seem to agree that social media marketing is effective.

  • “Creating a profile on a social network” was named the most effective marketing or advertising tactic. (MerchantCircle survey, 2011)
  • 34% of respondents who had used social media said it helped them reach new potential customers and 15% said it increased sales. (Deluxe Corp survey, 2011)

via eMarketer

However, they are yet to explore the full potential of social media.

This should soon change: 83% small businesses plan to use social media for business. Yet social media is far from being indispensable: only 4% small businesses can’t do without it.

Facebook design created by Affinity Express

Facebook design created by Affinity Express

Our own survey revealed that SMBs are struggling with online marketing due to a lack of access to affordable, expert resources that would help them harness online tactics more effectively.

Top that with the bewildering array of social media sites available and tactics advocated by pundits and it’s no wonder the time-strapped small business owner is confused. Do you start by building a page on Facebook? Asking for reviews on Yelp? Adding Like buttons on your website? Polls and quizzes? Social-oriented contests? Ads?

SMBs need help to pierce through the confusion, and Affinity Express is trying to provide some of that help. Through our partners in the news publishing industry, we offer SMBs affordable services that will help them easily set up a social media presence and increase visibility and marketing ROI.  We also help businesses track and respond to what people on the social web are saying about your company, competitors and industry. Our social media services fit in perfectly with other services we offer like website and email design, so you can even order a comprehensive package, multiplying visibility and reach by utilizing several channels at once.

It’s early days yet, but we’ve got a lot of interest in our social media services, and we’re hoping it will fill the gap in affordable, easy-to-use social media services for small businesses.

About David Kang
David is executive vice president and chief digital officer at Affinity Express. He was formerly a Senior Partner at WPP’s Group M and Vice President of Client Services at GSI Commerce.

2 Responses to The Potential of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

  1. akronsound says:

    Good post. If I may add in terms of social media and internet marketing or SEO, now with the new changes on Google search engine that locked out the keyword queries from google analytics (making it impossible for people to know what kind of keywords their visitors used to find their web site – unless you pay Google Ads ofcourse), social media’ value will become second to none for businesses, especially SMEs. I will publish a very relevant post here soon which in a way will enahnce yours! Thanks for the content

  2. Keril says:

    Customers expect social media these days, and are often wary of small businesses which don’t have Facebook, Twitter, or other accounts. Having social media used to be an added benefit; now, lack of a social media presence can actually hurt a business.

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