Designs of the Quarter: Online Ad, Coupon, Vector Art

The results of this year’s third Designs of the Quarter contest are in, and as always, I’m proud to present some of the best work within Affinity Express.

Online Ad

Designs of the Quarter: online ad

This eye-catching ad was an easy choice for Design of the Quarter because it grabs attention. Regardless of the online newspaper’s headline, you can’t ignore the ad because it surrounds the content. Even better, it earned high praise from our client: “We need to keep maintaining the high quality we’ve become accustomed to through Affinity Express. This is an AWESOME piece of creative built by your team. Keep up this great work.”


Designs of the Quarter: coupon

Coupon layouts can be very difficult because of the complexity. In this case, the layout is balanced not busy, the football theme is advanced appropriately and the food images are used to entice viewers to indulge. Plus, the logo is featured to successfully advance the branding on top, next to the combo offer and in each of the coupons. Thanks to this design, you are not going to forget where to go to get chili cheese fries at a good price.

Vector Artwork

Designs of the Quarter: vector artwork input

The design above is what the customer sent in to replicate. As you can see, it isn’t the easiest design to recreate. So it’s extremely impressive that the artist managed to copy it so faithfully.

Designs of the Quarter: vector artwork

The most important strength in this design is the detailing. Normally, when a design like this is done, it ends up looking a bit cartoonish. The artist successfully avoided that tendency. Every detail in the face, the highlights in the hair and the colors in the dress are spot on.

About Kelly Glass
Kelly has been vice president of Marketing at Affinity Express for nine years now. She drives company strategy and all marketing activities.

2 Responses to Designs of the Quarter: Online Ad, Coupon, Vector Art

  1. wow! I love the illustration!! That was amazing!!

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