Designing Our Website Icon/Favicon

How do you make your brand stronger down to the smallest detail? How can you enhance your website and stand out from competitors and other companies? Try using a favicon, which is also known as a favorites icon, to display in the address bar when your site is open in the web browser. You can see them today on most popular websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Facebook Icon Twitter Icon LinkedIn Icon
Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Without an icon, your site can look flat or worse, like you don’t care enough to create one.

Affinity Express didn’t have a favicon, so I suggested creating one and took on the task of designing a 16×16-pixel icon that could also be used in various media such as Facebook. I wanted our favicon to convey creativity because we offer advertising and marketing production solutions and have a team of more than 900 designers. With this in mind, I developed several design studies that were true to our corporate branding.

Design study one Design study two Design study three
Design study one Design study two Design study three

Kelly was partial to the second and third design but wanted to improve them by removing the “x” and using only the “a” for Affinity. I revised it and came up with these studies.

design study2 revised design study three revised
Design study two revised Design study three revised

Unmana and Kelly both chose the second design because it is more fluid, organic and dynamic. When I applied it on our website, it appeared like this.

And here’s how the favicon is used on our Facebook page.

The design was approved and makes Affinity Express more recognizable because it creates a visual reference to our brand that is memorable.

Have you designed a favicon for your company? If so, what was your inspiration? If not, give it a try or ask a designer to come up with some options for you. It’s a great way to show flair, communicate your company’s personality and take your branding to a new level.

About Mel Fernandez
Mel is senior graphic designer for marketing at Affinity Express. He combines his love of art with an understanding of advertising and marketing principles to create effective designs.

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