Social Media Marketing at Ad-Tech

Some quick notes from yesterday at ad-tech. We stayed in the social media track, because there were interesting topics up, and I was excited to see Chris Brogan, whose blog I read religiously, in person!

David Fischer, the Vice President of Advertising and Global Operations at Facebook, revealed that if you reach out to your fans and their friends, you get 81 times the distribution. Nielsen statistics also indicate that 68% are more likely to remember an ad with social context, twice as likely to remember the message and four times as likely to buy.

So how do you build your brand on Facebook?

  1. Connect
  2. Engage
  3. Inspire

Well, that sounds easy! Also remember, your social media strategy is really your people strategy. Create personalized experiences and let people share them.

Next up is Chris Brogan, who moderates the next two panels on social media.  Chris starts by suggesting we get all the buzzwords out of the way. (Not that the other speakers heed his advice. I hear “engage”, “resonate”, “paradigm shift”, actionable items” and a few more.)

Chris recommends a book on referrals, the Referral Engine by John Jantsch. “iPad users, buy it right now!” he says. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPad, so should I buy one of those first?

Chris also makes fun of “social media marketing” that consists of social site icons on a web page. While he’s at it, he mocks marketers’ concept of loyalty. “Rethink loyalty,” he advises. Reward loyal customers instead of beating them over the head until they buy more and then beating them some more.

He also claims that having a great email database is still the gold standard.

A few brand and agency partners get up and talk about successful campaigns they have executed. Sarah Personette, Director of Global Agency Relations at Facebook, advises agencies on how to use Facebook effectively for their clients.

Rustin Banks of BlogFrog explains what social media marketing should look like. “Banner advertising on a social site is NOT social advertising.” (Take that, Facebook ads! Ahem.) Don’t be a distraction, he says, be a part of the conversation. “Are you in the biggest column on the page?”

“Turn your marketing message into a conversation. Team with bloggers to start that conversation on their blogs and Facebook and Twitter.”

David Rosenberg of LBi delivers a case study on Xperia Studio (which is how they marketed the Sony Xperia phone). As Chris Brogan said, the point is to make the customer the hero. Rosenberg advised that you should:

  1. Start with an inherently social idea
  2. Commit to a brand point of view and voice

Michelle Evans of 4 Ingredients gave an inspiring talk on how a small publisher with no marketing budget used Facebook with great success. Now 1 in 9 Australian households have at least one of their books and they have a cooking show in 22 countries.

She advised:

  1. Poll your fans on how they use Facebook.
  2. Adjust posts accordingly (brief posts if many use smartphones, for instance).
  3. Actively engage audience with questions in every post.
  4. Use the same phrases and tone in every post.

A great piece of advice: “The page belongs to your audience.” So take time to answer their questions. Make them feel special.

Very Facebook-centric, wasn’t it? Now go like our Facebook page so you can see how we put these tips into action!

About Unmana Datta
Senior Marketing Manager at Affinity Express, Unmana is an obsessive consumer of blogs and social media, and fascinated by their use in marketing.

4 Responses to Social Media Marketing at Ad-Tech

  1. Ken Swanson says:

    Enjoyed reading and learning more about what you learned from attending the Ad Tech Exposition in NYC. I found the show to be well attended.

  2. chrisbrogan says:

    It was such a pleasure to meet you. : ) Thanks for the great writeup and I look forward to staying in touch. : )

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