Ten Most Popular Marketing Posts of 2011

For newer readers as well as those of you who missed them the first time around, here are our top marketing posts from 2011.

Designing Our Facebook Page Welcome Tab

Who knew a simple post describing how we created the design for our Facebook page welcome tab would be the most popular of 2011 (even though the post was published in July)?

Redesigning Business Cards to Include Social Media Info

Another post where we merely shared how we updated and improved a piece of marketing material, but judging by searches that led people to this post, quite a few of you are looking for help on designing business cards that include your social media URLs without being overwhelming.

The 6 Most Essential Marketing Activities

This is one of those posts where I shoot my mouth off (metaphorically) and tell you what you should do. While your choice of marketing channels should absolutely be determined by your industry, your brand and, of course, your customers’ behavior, I describe what I think are the most important marketing activities small businesses should be spending their time and dollars on.

Why the Internet is Good for You

My opinionated rebuttal to a BtoB Magazine article claiming that the internet has been bad for business surprised me by the number of hits it got: mostly because of people searching for the phrase in the blog title.

10 Common Mistakes in Business Card Design

My snarky tongue-in-cheek post on design mistakes in business cards also made it to the list. Seriously, don’t make any of these mistakes.

10 Tips for Newspapers Who Outsource Ad Production

Newspapers and news sites are our one of our biggest markets and ad production one of our biggest services. This post offers tips to newspapers based on our team’s in-depth experience.

Using Color in Ad Design

Graphic designers and marketers use color to signify emotions and tie certain attributes with the brand. This post breaks down the significance of common colors.

4 Tips on Typography in Ad Design

Typography is as important as color: this post offers some tips and examples of what works.

Using Design to Differentiate a Small Business

We all know how important design is to branding: this post takes the example of a restaurant to see how effective (and surprisingly easy!) it can be.

Display Ads Booming: Who is handling the creative production?

Our CEO Ken Swanson comments on the continued growth of display ads and explains how companies like Affinity Express can help clients work this marketing medium effectively.

We hope you enjoyed these and our many other posts in 2011. Our team will continue to work to cover topics that interest and even inspire you in 2012. Be sure to let us know if there are specific subjects in marketing and design that you want to read about!

About Unmana Datta
Senior Marketing Manager at Affinity Express, Unmana is an obsessive consumer of blogs and social media, and fascinated by their use in marketing.

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