10 Recurring Features for Your Newsletter

NewsletterDo you think sending out a newsletter isn’t for you? What could you possibly put in it every week (or month)? Think about it: you might find more content ideas than you now realize. Here are some ideas for recurring features you can have in your newsletter.

Answer customer questions

What customer questions do you or your staff (especially customer support or sales) get frequently? A  recurring column in a newsletter is a great place to answer them.

Feature feedback

Dedicate one corner of your newsletter to glowing testimonials you get from your customers. That’s your little boasting spot!

Feature products

Do you have new products often, or is your service output of a kind that photographs well? Put up a picture, write a couple of lines about the product and why people should buy it, and you’re done! One recurring section in one of our newsletters is the “Design Showcase”: we use it to call out a customer who used our services and show the design we created. We also regularly display samples in our other newsletters (and on our blog).

Feature success stories

Your customer’s success, that is. Show how you helped them, sure. But the key is to talk about how they became successful. Inspire your readers!

Announce events you are hosting or attending

Invite your subscribers to events you’re hosting, even if it’s just a St. Patrick’s Day celebration at your store. Mention industry events you’re going to attend and ask readers to meet you.

Write about industry news

Link to interesting articles and news that your readers might not have seen. Even better, comment on them and discuss the implications for your customers.

Share company news

Don’t do this too often, but if you’ve won an awesome award or just completed ten years in business, you can mention it. Even better, talk about how you did it, and tell a story about a horrible challenge you faced or a really stupid mistake you made.

Show them how you do it

Take your readers behind the scenes and show them how you work. Tell them about your quality control process or your order fulfillment process. Tell them why their information is safe with you.

Interview employees

Take it one step further and interview employees. Write about their work, their habits, their quirks. Show your readers the people behind the curtain.

Ask for feedback

Always ask readers to give you feedback. You could even offer a prize for the best comment! Not only do you need to know what they think of your content, you might gain awesome material for the next newsletter.

Sign up to Ad ExpressJust use six of these recurring features and you’ll have a nice long newsletter to send out. And hey, sign up to our newsletter and get marketing tips in your inbox every month!

About Unmana Datta
Senior Marketing Manager at Affinity Express, Unmana is an obsessive consumer of blogs and social media, and fascinated by their use in marketing.

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