Designs of the Quarter: Pre-Media and Print Ads

Once again in Q4 of 2011, we called for submissions to our Designs of the Quarter contest. This time, we did not limit the categories, so all Affinity Express designers could participate. We were pleased with the response and the committee selected these four to feature. For the first time, we had two winning entries from the same person, who is clearly a design superstar in the making!

Oasis Cafe

Check marks the spot—in coffee beans on the cover of this menu, which is an interesting device to incorporate the main product in the design in a fresh way. It is reinforced by the coffee cup at the bottom. The brown, black and white color scheme works well for a coffee-oriented restaurant and the layout is clean and easy to read, despite there being a lot of text.

Pre-Media Design: Cafe

Trackside Donut & Café

This flyer uses coffee beans as well but in a different way at the top. The colors again suit this type of menu. The most effective element is the coupons at the bottom. Because they are light in color in comparison to the rest of the layout, the eye is drawn down to spot the great offers that incent the viewer to give the new place a try. Small images of donuts and other items demonstrate the variety offered by the restaurant.

Pre-Media Design: Donut Cafe


The use of the hands in this community service ad implies caring, and the orange and blue type is eye-catching. The same focus on community is repeated at the bottom, continuing the use of orange and blue. It is well-designed because, if you get nothing else, you catch the hands, headline, and logo—meaning the message comes through loud and clear.

Print ad for community support

Susan L. Chocolatier

This ad also features holiday themed colors and puts the accent on the products, suggesting what a good idea it is to give chocolate as gifts. The chocolate-dipped strawberry is large enough to draw the viewer in, point them toward the gifts for sale and start them salivating!
Pre-Media Design: Chocolate

Congratulations to the winners!

If you have designs we’ve produced for you that you think should be recognized, please write to us at

About Kelly Glass
Kelly has been vice president of Marketing at Affinity Express for nine years now. She drives company strategy and all marketing activities.

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