Print Ads for Restaurants

Here’s another round-up of ads our team worked on. (Yes, we work on more than food ads, but those seem to catch my attention most.)

I have had this ad filed away for a long time, to use in the right post. I love how the food takes center stage, and that picture just makes me dizzy with hunger. They kept the copy minimal (but right on target) and just let the picture do the talking.

Seafood ad

This ad, in contrast, has a lot more going on with multiple attractions and a coupon vying for attention, but a skillful use of space, colors and fonts helps to keep it from being cluttered. Typically, you would not want to use all-caps so liberally but it seems to work here.

Print ad for restaurant

Using bright green and red, this ad takes the signalling effect of color seriously: but of course, the colors are derived from the restaurant’s logo. The design is similar to the previous ad, but the effect of individual cards to announce the features of each meal is well done. Designers have to lay out a path for viewers’ eyes and this was done effectively here. The name of the restaurant is dominant and the ribbons bring attention to the offers. Putting the coupons at the top is unexpected but works like the cherry on the top of dessert.

Ad for Fortune House

More vibrant use of color: the yellows and reds signal that this is a fast-food place even before you see the word “deli.” It’s smart to include a map helping customers find their way to your restaurant! The use of colors from the logo in broad swaths gives them direction on where to look to absorb all the important content.

Deli ad

This ad was created for the holiday season, which explains the line of holly. I love how while the desserts are shown as well as mentioned in the copy, the coffee is merely shown in the picture. (Well, it is a cafe.) The holiday theme is artfully advanced with the subtle background and the content, including a suggestion about gift certificates–very smart.

Ad for cafe

Check out more food ads here.

Now the big question: which of these do you like most? My favorite, of course, is the first, but don’t let that bias you. Kelly likes the last one best but she’s a big coffee drinker (and loves creating desserts).

About Unmana Datta
Senior Marketing Manager at Affinity Express, Unmana is an obsessive consumer of blogs and social media, and fascinated by their use in marketing.

2 Responses to Print Ads for Restaurants

  1. I believe first listed is the appropriate placement of the Fish City advertisement.

    94th Aero Squadron doesn’t quite convey the airplane message that is intended. You have to struggle to even understand what the ad is for.

    Fortune House is playful by using layers and depth. I also like the shading on the coupons.

    Jack’s New York Deli has high contrasting textures. There’s solid color segments, and then there’s close-ups of food. I find it a common approach and it doesn’t strike me.

    Praline’s Cafe is almost effective. If it wasn’t for the holiday plant conflicting with the “open year round” message. I can see that the idea was to portray all of the seasons by placing foods with contrasting temperatures in a linear format, but all I’m getting is Christmas from this ad; Ice cream for Christmas. Oh, and don’t get me started on the coffee cup copy.


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