Selling Design Services to Your Customers

Wedding invitation designed by Affinity ExpressWe often work with clients who offer printing services to small businesses or to consumers for business cards, brochures, letterheads, posters, invitation cards and so on. But how can you capture more printing work per customer and increase your profits? Sell higher-value design services!

Identifying customers who are in need of design services is the first step to selling. How do you do this? In four simple ways.

What do you see?

Your biggest clue is the document that the customer wants printed or copied.

  • What is the condition of the customer’s original document? Is it well-designed or do you see obvious problems: stretched or blurred images, difficult-to-read text?
  • If the customer wants a copy of a printed document, is the original in good shape? Does it have markings on it or things taped onto it?
  • Did the customer provide only hand-written copy that they want you to type up and create a document for?
  • Does the customer own a business, but doesn’t have a logo?

Run an expert eye over the document, and if you can identify problems, gently point them out to the customer and ask if they would like a redesign.

What do you hear?

Asking your customers the right questions can also uncover needs for design services.

  • “How do you get your documents designed?”
  • “What kind of logo or business identity do you have for your business?”
  • “How are you marketing/promoting your business?”
  • “How many of your business documents do you have only in hard copy form? Did you know we can recreate documents so you have a digital copy?”

Asking good open-ended questions can lead to opportunities. Don’t bulldoze the customer with a lot of questions, but try to learn more about their business and listen carefully.

What do you say?

Explaining the benefits of utilizing a professional design service to your customers can convince them to commit.

  • A professional-looking design makes a good first impression and can help a small business stand out from the competition.
  • Once the design is completed, it can be updated or reprinted easily at a later date.
  • The customer will own the rights to completed designs.
  • Using a customized design solution will help the customer establish a unique brand identity.
  • It’s an easy process: the customer tells you what they want and gets an attractive design back.
  • All designs are custom and completed to your customer’s requirements.
  • It’s also probably cheaper than they might think, so don’t forget to name your price.

What do you show?

Show them results you have achieved with other customers: the beautiful invitation that just cost $16 or the professional-quality coupon that cost $18. Why wouldn’t they want the same quality for their businesses?

Coupon for hair styling designed by Affinity Express

Join us in helping your customers get better at marketing!

About Jon Zerndt
Jon Zerndt is the account manager for the office superstore and quick printer accounts at Affinity Express, and loves to spend time providing guidance and solving problems for clients.

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