Easter: Bunnies, Eggs and Crosses

Easter comes early this year and brings quite a few ads to our designers from companies eager to tie into the holiday and generate revenue. But not all ads at this time of year focus on business and festivities.

As with most holidays, there are traditional colors and images for Easter. Typically, we are asked to feature colorful eggs and the Easter Bunny. The desired colors are almost always pastels: pink, blue, purple, green, blue, yellow and orange.

A case in point is this ad for Pharmasave, complete with a bunny, eggs and pastel colors. What I find interesting is that the retailer is not promoting any products or prices but they are likely to get good traffic by offering free photos with the Easter Bunny. Kids for miles around will be lining up for a turn and the parents will probably pick up “a few things” while waiting. Pretty smart!

Ad for free photos with the Easter Bunny

I really like this ad because of the lovely spring colors. The green from the grass was picked up as the dominant color of the design and horizontal bars were used to highlight important information such as “reservations required.” Everything about the ad suggests this will be an elegant event.

Ad for Easter brunch

If you have to notify residents of a schedule change due to a holiday, you might as well make it festive. Northumberland County certainly does that by featuring colorfully wrapped chocolate eggs and an adorable rabbit. Best of all, the bunny is sitting in a recycling bin to perfectly reinforce the subject of the ad. The selective use of red (as a non-pastel) for key information is perfect.

Announcement for Easter holiday

In addition to those for retailers, restaurants and other businesses, we are also asked to create religious ads. As you can see below, in direct contrast to secular ads, the pastels and bunnies are put aside for more somber colors and images, as this is one of the holiest days of the year in Christianity. This design works well to draw the eye in on the crosses and makes the word “easter” stand out. I like that there is nothing extra in this layout—you know what times there will be Easter services and the address.

Ad for Easter service at a church

It’s easy to get tired of the bunnies, eggs and baskets (although I just love the clucking Cadbury bunny–and the candy!), so what attractive and effective Easter ads have you seen lately? Have any advertisers differentiated by using unexpected images and colors? Happy Easter to those who observe the holiday!

About Kelly Glass
Kelly has been vice president of Marketing at Affinity Express for nine years now. She drives company strategy and all marketing activities.

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