What We Mean When We Say We Design Ads

Isn’t it difficult to have your ads or marketing materials created by someone in a remote office?

Not really. The input we receive from customers varies from detailed instructions to a few scribbled lines of copy on a sheet. Our designers are pretty good at figuring out what works for the product and the brand.

The input for this ad has more direction than many and you can see the person has a solid idea of what he or she wants. We are comfortable following instructions and execute down to the letter for these customers. The more information they provide, the more we adhere and deliver exactly what they want.

Print ad for aging at home, with input

In contrast, the choice of image was left completely up to the designer in this ad. The only guidance was to select something upscale and professional. In the headline, the ad says, “It’s All About The Dress.” But I’d argue that this ad all about the image. The romantic photo lures in the viewer to learn more about the sale. The fonts are also appropriate to a wedding theme.

Print ad for wedding dresses, with input

This ad is well done  because the use of orange is  eye-catching and complements the logo well. The image, which was the designer’s choice, is perfect for the subject—a confident and healthy-looking woman. (Bonus points because she’s fully clothed.)

Print ad for weight loss, with input

I wish this ad featured some food but for a restaurant that combines Thai and tapas, I’d be a little afraid of picking the wrong dish. So I think it was smart of the designer to go with chopsticks instead and rely on color to communicate and direct the eye. All the elements are in balance and easy to read.

Print ad for happy hour, with input

The designer for this project did a great job laying out this ad and balancing the content so the reader can get all the appropriate details in order based on the size of the type. Once I’m hooked by the large phrase “it’s what you’ve been craving,” I grasp the price and then look up to see the specifics of the car. It is interesting that the designer did not completely follow the instructions. Instead of making the photo half of the page (which would not have worked for the size of the ad), he or she made it one-third and that provides better visibility for the text that draws people in.

Print ad for Honda CR-V, with input

There wasn’t a lot to work with in this order for an ad but the end result was attractive and enticing, with an visual that looks appropriate for the customer—a catering company. The designer also picked up colors from the table to the background and the border for the image.

Print ad for catering service, with input

Can you imagine starting any project with less direction? It’s pretty common for us but look at the great result. The woman is clearly in a home office and has a relaxed hairstyle, but she looks engaged and eager. That’s just the type of person the advertiser wants to attract and her expression and body language suggest that the work is exciting.

Print ad for working from home, with input

That’s how easy it is to work with us! Our clients in the retail, news publishing and other categories send us hundred or thousands of these types of orders every day and we turn them around in hours versus days or weeks.

About Kelly Glass
Kelly has been vice president of Marketing at Affinity Express for nine years now. She drives company strategy and all marketing activities.

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