Designs of the Quarter: Videos

Video has emerged as such an important marketing vehicle it’s no surprise that our team is busy creating showcase, montage, pre-roll and post-roll videos and editing them for our clients. Our multi-media clients provide the service to their small- to medium-sized business clients. Typically, video would be too expensive for these advertisers. But the types of products we produce are affordable and take the SMB’s promotional efforts to a new level.

Here are our top picks from our video production work last quarter.

The first winning video ad uses a variety of effects to bring in all the different elements, separated by the curtains—a perfect device for a theater. The use of the fonts is appropriate to convey information that complements the moving elements.

The second video is for a quaint store for frames and people interested in buying and selling crafts. The ad evokes this arty feeling and uses a variety of effects to highlight the products and services without overwhelming them.

The third winning video is for a cosmetics store. The video shows an extensive range of products and suggests they can help any customer get a fresh, new look. Plus, the store comes across as clean, bright and professional, inspiring confidence. It is uncluttered with excess info and has no distracting elements.

Thanks to the employees who works on these designs and won prizes for their efforts. Here’s to supporting many more businesses looking to leverage digital marketing to reach new and existing customers!

Check out the winning designs in the print ads category.

About Kelly Glass
Kelly has been vice president of Marketing at Affinity Express for nine years now. She drives company strategy and all marketing activities.

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