Designs of the Quarter: Image Editing

The third category for the Designs of the Quarter contest was image editing. Our image editors work on pictures and make them more clear, or more complete, or remove backgrounds, or change colors, or make other modifications that the client wants.

This design won first prize, and you can see why. Something that starts as muddy-looking and shadowy becomes a clear image that conveys speed and power.

Image Editing: Gladiator

In the second design, “Dancing with the Stars” fans will recognize Jaleel White and the emotion the celebrity participants typically display. But it really comes across when the image is improved for better contrast.

Image Editing: Dancing with the Stars

Removing the background from items like jewelry can be incredibly difficult because of the fine detail. The designer for this image did a good job and won the third prize.

Image Editing: necklace with background removed

Image editing is one of those functions that we don’t think about much but see all around us. For example, when you’re shopping online and view the same product in different colors or rotate it for a better look–that’s image editing at work. If you are buying a promotional product like a pen or a mug for your business and your sales rep emails you a photo of the product with your logo on it to better envision it–that’s image editing. There was probably lots of image editing for your wedding album too.

We hope this post helped you spot and appreciate capable image editing. To the team members who won in the image editing category, keep up the good work!

Check out the winning designs in the print ads category and in the video category.

About Kelly Glass
Kelly has been vice president of Marketing at Affinity Express for nine years now. She drives company strategy and all marketing activities.

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