Use video to add impact to your online presence

How many times have you stopped what you were doing to pay attention to the television when a new movie promo comes on, focus on an item on the news or see a clip of next week’s episode of your favorite show? That’s the power of video—it breaks through the clutter and captures your attention before you even realize it!

Video engages audiences online in the same way and is far superior to static images and text. With the growing prevalence of smart phones, time spent on the internet has increased considerably. Consumers these days like to see videos that range from music, entertainment clips, people and blogs, news, sports and others. Statistics confirm that videos drive more action than plain images and text. As per Internet Retailer, viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video. According to the BIA Kelsey Group, viewers engage more after watching a video, with clicks for more information increasing by 30-40% and phone inquiries by 16-20%.

Category Trends in YouTube videos (source: Sysomos, data researched in 2009)

For SMBs, this is both an opportunity and a challenge. You know you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing but may not know the best way to leverage video. Here are some tips to help you decide on a compelling story and develop a script.

  • Serve your audience (not the other way around)

Most online visitors have short attention spans. That’s why a good rule of thumb is to limit videos to less than 3 minutes. Less is definitely more when trying to connect with your audience like the video shown above in which the lady shares how to develop a mobile app without any script. Let them request more information instead of cramming every fact and figure into your video.

Simplicity is the key to attract more traffic and generate interest. Rather than use typical sales jargon or industry terms, which can alienate people, use common language to share your views and educate potential buyers about your company and products.

  • Offer a view behind the scenes

Consumers like knowing who makes the products/provides the services and the pride people take in their work. A video that shows your team brainstorming, building and achieving together is a powerful way to show your company’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. The video above  tells the story of a small company called Fifty Flowers.

  • Provide educational content

Most online viewers frequent sites, blogs and videos that share product details, useful tips, case studies, research and data analysis and recommendations. “How-to” videos are extremely successful because they not only offer great value to viewers but also provide a basis to establish trust in your business. These videos position you as an expert by showcasing your knowledge and understanding of their needs. In the video above, Cheryl Paulson very quickly establishes herself as an expert and provides good advice about how small businesses can make money with mobile apps.

  • Use customer testimonials

The best way to advertise is through word-of-mouth and testimonials are the best. Hearing your customers’ experiences with your helpful and attentive sales people, easy processes, innovative solutions or excellent ongoing support can create a positive opinion among prospects. The structure of a testimonial video should follow a structure that starts with the problems faced by the client before getting in touch with you, how your work impacted his business and what changes has the client experienced in his work process after they started working with you.

  • Give a reason and way to get in touch

The script of video should leave visitors with a desire to know more about your business and, ideally, buy from you! That’s why you should always provide a call to action. It could be a trackable URL, designated email address, discount code or unique phone number to call. This not only encourages viewers to engage with you, but also provides a tangible way to measure the results of your video.

Once you have your video, be sure to add it to your company website, as well as to your LinkedIn/Facebook profile. Apart from adding your video on YouTube, consider posting it to other sites like Dailymotion, Yahoo! videos, Hulu, Fox Network, Vimeo, etc.

When uploading your video, choose a name that is appropriate to the content and uses keywords, so you can get traffic from search engines.

There is no better way to know which video is working for you and which needs to be improved than to actually shoot a couple of them and measure their performance. This is an effective and affordable tool to reach out to your audience, so get started and give it a try.

About Kriti Adlakha
I have been working in the field of marketing and brand development for more than eight years. My experience ranges from hospitality to media and IT products to outsourced services. During my journey, I have worked with print and new-age media and have enjoyed developing content. I have also learnt and worked on marketing tools like adwords marketing, analytics, CRM and the list is steadily growing. Having acquired post-graduate diploma in business management from IIM, Calcutta, I love new challenges and learn from each experience. In my blog, I share marketing strategies that enable small and medium businesses to market in a small budget. I also discuss how to use different online tools that can help businesses to monitor returns of their marketing investments. Above all, I love to hear back from my readers!

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  1. Hey! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone 4! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the excellent work!

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