Fantastic Halloween Ads

If you were able to celebrate Halloween this year, we hope you had a safe, fun and spooky time. Now that we’ve taken off our costumes and have come down from the seasonal sugar high, the Affinity Express Marketing Team decided to compile some of our favorite ads and other creative to share with you. Some passed through our offices for our production team to design and others we just came across and enjoyed.

As you scroll through, you’ll see that the recipe for ghoulishly effective Halloween designs is:

  1. Using strong images that draw in visitors and resonate with them
  2. Tying the product into the Halloween theme
  3. Adding a healthy splash humor

Let us know which of these you like best!

I had to include this one because, despite the various new candies that are introduced every year, Snickers has always been one of my top three. In fact, when I raided the candy bowl this week (Like you didn’t?), I nabbed the regular, almond and peanut butter varieties. I just want to make sure I’m up-to-date on all the Snickers trends. Anyway, the straightforward ad does a good job of saying: Snickers = Halloween.

 Snickers = HalloweenM&Ms achieves the same objective by using the product to create the image. It’s simple but extremely effective.

M&M ad for Halloween

Really, I’m not trying to make you hungry but we thought this one from Pizza Hut’s Facebook page worked well—mummies made of cheese. There are several “works of art” on their page using pizza, bread sticks or other food sold by Pizza Hut to create Halloween-themed designs.

Pizza Hut Cheese Mummies

This one for LG works well because it shows the product in action in an “unusual way” that ties in with the holiday and reinforces the product benefits. If a full-size zombie can fit in there, it’s probably enough space for your family’s frozen food, right? And who doesn’t want to watch terrifying zombie movies while prepping dinner?

LG Refrigerator Halloween Ad

This was a great concept for a moisturizer. Vital Perfect made a wrinkled old witch look younger, so it can work for anybody.

Witch Ad for Anti-Aging Cream

This site uses a clever image that is perfect for the business.

Halloween ad for Auto-Price-Finder

The San Francisco Zoo came up with a great way to suggest that a visit is an ideal outing for Halloween. Who would have imagined a creepy giraffe?

San Francisco Zoo Halloween Ad

Back to food again, but doesn’t it make sense if you have pumpkin seeds in your product that you shout about it at Halloween time? Hovis does just that with this funny image of a jack-o-lantern.

Jack-O-Lantern for Hovis Bread

We didn’t just look at print ads and Facebook pages. We also saw this AT&T commercial with its mash-up of Halloween images and symbols.


In honor of my son, who likes playing video games that allow him to kill zombies, I had to include this one,


It’s eerie, frightening and has a terrific payoff line: “What fear fears most.” Scary genius!

What Halloween ads or promotions did you see this year that you really loved? Do you have any other ideas for advertisers to make their designs more effective?

About Kelly Glass
Kelly has been vice president of Marketing at Affinity Express for nine years now. She drives company strategy and all marketing activities.

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