A New Face for Affinity Express’s Blog

164190220As the new year begins, changes are to be expected. One of these changes was taking the job opportunity as the    marketing manager for Affinity Express. Joining the team is an exciting transition as I will assist in executing marketing  strategies in several areas including trade shows, e-marketing, social media, outreach campaigns and communications. I look forward to a successful and challenging future in this role.

As I began writing my first Affinity Express blog post, I was reminded of Kelly Glass’s blog on “Marketing Resolutions  for the New Year” and I started my own “Marketing Resolutions for 2014.”

Resolution 1: Understand and develop plans to be a “data activist” vs a “data analyst.”

Background: According to eWeek, formerly PC Week, interpreting data will help a company gain a deeper understanding of customer habits by identifying trends in their online viewing, social media posting and purchasing behaviors.

Action Plan: My goal will be to learn, identify and understand our client needs and pain points when it comes to executing and delivering digital marketing and how Affinity Express can provide solutions.

Resolution 2: Embrace my personal writing style as I create high-quality content for Affinity Express’s blog that is applicable to the specific industries, which in turn creates action items for readers.

Background: The Nielsen Group and Yahoo Small Business blogging statistics state 81% of consumers trust advice and information from blogs and 77% of Internet users read blogs.

Action Plan: With this in mind, I will dedicate my time to researching and developing content that is relevant to our followers and will overcome the primary challenges of blogging in 2014

55% producing enough content

● 47% producing content that engages

● 69% dedicating time to write and self-edit content

Resolution 3: As marketers move through the ever-changing digital era, we need to monitor posts and gauge customer sentiment.

Background: CMO.com recognizes “Reputation Management Joins the Big Leagues” as the rise of social media has created a transparency of organizations and high customer expectations.

Action Plan: I plan on allotting daily time to “being present” and transparent as I learn about the clients and brands that are the foundation of Affinity Express’s success.

My resolutions are set as I begin the New Year with Affinity Express, but I would like to add Resolutions 4 and 5, so I am turning to our readers for your advice.

● What suggestions do you have for starting in a new marketing position?

● What books, newsletters and/or blogs would you suggest I read? For the industry? Marketing profession? My personal favorite is the “Book of BusinessAwesome” by Scott Stratten.

About vanessarosev
Vanessa Velasco is the Affinity Express marketing manager. Based in in Chicago, she executes marketing communication projects, research and strategies while helping keep Kelly sane.

2 Responses to A New Face for Affinity Express’s Blog

  1. msienicki says:

    Wow, what a great introductory blog! I look forward to reading more of what you write, Vanessa.

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