The Small Business Dream

179115363Standing at the Lincoln Memorial 51 years ago on August 28th, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered one of  America’s top speeches of the 20th century. “I have a dream” became an iconic speech and statement for thousands of adults, children and civil right enthusiasts. The speech instilled a sense of urgency, bravery and desire to never give up on the dream.

As a business professional, you had a dream. Whether that was to own a business or launch the first digital campaign for a nationally-recognized organization, your dream started with a simple idea and developed into a business.

For Affinity Express our vision was to evolve into the small business marketing platform, which means we empower our clients to reach millions of small-to-medium businesses (SMB). SMBs have a need for design for advertising and digital marketing services to connect and engage their customers.

Digital services, which includes website and mobile site design, social media platforms, email, video and more, are crucial for businesses looking to establish an online presence. Video marketing, in particular, is a great way to reach new and existing customers.

Creating and shooting a video may seem like a daunting project but, with today’s technology, you can pick up your cell phone and shoot a video in moments. Here are a few great articles and videos we found to help get you started:

  • “Every time you say, ‘I don’t have time’ what you are really saying is that it (your dream) isn’t a priority in your business,” states James Wedmore. Read more about the “Five Essential Videos every Business Needs.”
  • Online video editors are provided to you at low cost or no cost. YouTube offers a simple editor and it always helps when you get a few tips.
  • Perhaps you are camera shy or feel nervous about editing a video. This is a great alternative: Make your own commercial.

With these statistics and great tips, we hope you find yourself one step closer to making your business’s dream a visual reality.

In order to understand the questions and concerns that arise with creating a video, I have decided to develop and produce my first marketing video. Check back next week on my progress and, if you have any tips to share, I love to hear from you. Until next week!

About vanessarosev
Vanessa Velasco is the Affinity Express marketing manager. Based in in Chicago, she executes marketing communication projects, research and strategies while helping keep Kelly sane.

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