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First of all, welcome. We’re very glad that you’re here and would like it if you’d take a look around, and let us know what you think of this place.

Before you comment, please pay attention to these simple tips so your comments are less likely to be deleted without being published.

  1. Be polite. We’d love to hear what you really think, but we have all learned to disagree in a respectful way, haven’t we? No personal attacks will be tolerated.
  2. We (us bloggers) write on this blog because we are passionate about Affinity Express, so we won’t take kindly to you if you say mean things about our company. Again, you’re welcome to disagree, or tell us about a bad experience that you had with us. But vague snarky comments are likely to go right into the trash.
  3. This is a company blog, so if you know the blogger or someone else in the company, try not to give out personal details. This may get your comment edited, if not deleted.
  4. And be careful about your own personal details too. If you leave an email address or a phone number or other such private information in the comment, we are very likely to edit that out—for your sake.
  5. Another way to get edited, if not deleted, is using swear words. Again, this is a company blog. Don’t say something you wouldn’t say at that first meeting with a new client or a potential employer.
  6. Spam, of course, will be killed wherever found.
  7. Try to stay on-topic. Irrelevant comments might be deleted. (Though we hate to do that!)
  8. And one last thing: our word is final. This is the Affinity Express blog, and while we enjoy hearing from you and try to respond to every comment, you don’t get to say what gets published. We do, so that we can best serve our audience.

Now that we’ve cleared that up . . . What would you like to say?

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